EverFi VaultEVERFI Vault “introduces students aged 9-11 to foundational financial literacy concepts like budgeting, saving, income and careers.

An online interactive provides pupils with an engaging lesson that they can use in class or at home. Built-in assessments and real-time grading help keep track of your students’ progress.

Offline resources have been created to support your teaching, including comprehensive lesson plans and pupil worksheets, all linked to the UK curriculum at key stage 2.” (EVERFI)

EVERFI Vault has been created with the aid of KS 2 teachers to help children start to learn about financial matters. To use the free financial learning resources in the classroom, teachers must sign up to create a free account: everfiteachers.co.uk/register. Choose the UK from the drop-down menu and add your school, you can then choose your age group(s). Once you have signed up there is a teacher community and a newsletter that you can subscribe to to hear about new products etc.

The curriculum objectives covered by the resources are PHSE,  English, Maths, and personal development, it covers foundation financial literacy like budgeting, saving, careers, and income. Children can do the online work at home or in school but the teacher gets all of the built-in assessment results. There are also worksheets and lesson plans to support the course.

EverFi Vault