Nasa STEM ResourcesNASA STEM Resources offer a large collection of information and activities that may be useful for primary schools.

Teach about Sound, Forces, Circuits, Air and More! Also Climate Change for kids are just two of the many resources available that will be a useful when learning about gravity for KS2 children – also Driving  Rover on Mars will appeal to all primary ages! There are also story books that were read in space for the youngest! The resource packs are full of information and suggestions for activities that will fascinate children. All are fully searchable, according to topic and age.

Some of the many topics covered are:

  • Humans in Space
  • Moon to Mars
  • Earth
  • Space tech
  • Solar system and beyond
  • The history
  • NASA Kids’ Space

There are e-books, amazing space images, and videos covering all aspects of space travel, the solar system, a total lunar eclipse, and many of their missions. As well as NASA STEM resources, NASA also provide NASA Kids’ Space.

NASA Kids’ Space is a set of resources suitable for children aged 5 – 11. It is a part of the Space Educator’s Handbook, this is old and most of it outdated but there are a few really useful bits.

Really apt for bright year 6 children is making a sundial. Here is a pdf template. Also, there is a massive fact file about the planets and much more about space on the same page.

There is also a video: Dropping a feather and a hammer on the Moon Video

Nasa Stem Resources