EYFS Animal DanceEYFS Animal Dance: Movement and Music Activities Pack is being offered freely by Plazoom.

The pack includes animal image cards, animal movement vocabulary cards, and teaching notes. It is a delightful prompt for several dance lessons where children could experiment with different types of movement. The image cards include a bird, an ant, a crab, a horse, a tortoise, a duck, an elephant, a lion, a frog, and a snake – perfect for inspiring different dances. This pack could be combined with something like Carnival of the Animals, where they could listen to one or two choice sections such as The Elephant, The Tortoises, the Swan (for the ducks), the Wild Asses, etc.

This engaging resource pack will get young learners to explore movements and give them the opportunity to move energetically outside or in a large, indoor space.
Pupils will explore how animals move and imagine how they might move in time to music. The opportunity to describe their movements will introduce pupils to new vocabulary.” (Plazoom)

The EYFS Animal Dance pack encourages many types of movement described in the Early Learning Goals Gross motor skills section.  Moving or dancing to music is required in the being imaginative and expressive section.

EYFS Animal Dance