Photo PeaPhoto Pea is an excellent, free, online photo editing app. If you ever need to make display banners, labels, etc., by editing pictures, adding text to them, combining two pictures into one, and possibly so much more, then this tool is really useful.

It is difficult to believe that this app has been offered to users free of charge because it offers so much. You don’t need to download anything it can be used in the browser.

The program is very like photoshop, it has pretty much all that Photoshop has but is browser-based so available on any device.

Here are two quick tutorial videos:

Finally, a very detailed tutorial video that explains all of the tools and shows how to use many of them. It really offers some lovely image editing tips! :


The following is from the creator:

Photo Pea should be an advanced editor, so it can be used by professionals. It must have:

  • Layers – to split images into several parts
  • Layer masks – just generally useful
  • Blend modes – specifying, how layers “combine” with each other
  • Brush – there must be a way to change the color of pixels
  • Selections – choosing, which pixels of layer you want to edit
  • Procedural adjustments – changing brightness, hue, saturation, convolutions (blur, sharpening …) etc. “