“Clever Never Goes is the new campaign that teaches children how to stay safe from abduction whether they are outside or online.
It’s the modern, child-friendly alternative to the out-dated and fundamentally flawed ‘Stranger Danger’ message.
Rather than fearing the worst in everyone they don’t know, Clever Never Goes helps children to recognise specific situations that are unsafe and gives them the tools to respond.” (From their Facebook Page)
We have mentioned this program before but it has been updated with resources for older primary children and is starting by being rolled out around London.  Also Clever Never Goes has been updated  by taking to social media sites in quite a big way:
“Please follow all our channels and help us gain support by sharing all our posts.”
To follow the channels just click on the images. https://clevernevergoes.org/

Part of their press release:
Action Against Abduction is working with The Metropolitan Police to roll out Clever Never Goes as the replacement for Stranger Danger for children in schools across the capital.
Action Against Abduction is working in partnership with Safer schools and neighbourhood officers to help children recognise situations that could be unsafe and know what to do to protect themselves.
These officers have adopted the ‘Clever Never Goes’ programme in primary schools they work with across the capital. This is a more inclusive and up-to-date programme than the well-known ‘Stranger Danger’ campaign launched in 1971.
The roll-out of Clever Never Goes forms the latest phase of ongoing work by schools officers to keep children and young people across the capital safe. Specially trained officers across the Metropolitan Police Service are working with this new programme to help young children in London protect themselves from danger.
The Metropolitan Police piloted the early stages of this programme in 2019 in 37 primary schools. The feedback was universally supportive of a service-wide roll-out.
A specially designed robot named Clever helps children spot dangerous situations and gives them tips about how to respond. The programme is designed to be positive, practical and playful whilst ensuring the reality of situations is not lost. The core message is never to go with anyone unless it has been previously arranged. From Wednesday, 9 June the Met will roll out the Clever Never Goes resources to primary school children aged five to 11. These include online safety scenarios, prompting children to consider online grooming dangers.