The :etterBox ClubThe Letterbox Club is for children who are cared for, or vulnerable in some other way. Schools and local authorities select the children to receive books monthly. The BookTrust runs the charity which provides parcels packed with books covering literacy and numeracy as well as stationery and other resources to aid children to build confidence in the subjects.

The BookTrust announce that they are: “the UK’s largest reading charity and we reach millions of children every year with books, resources and support to get every child reading, regularly and by choice. We are national in scale and operate in every region in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. We work through every local authority, via children’s centres, schools, libraries and health professionals, to reach the families who need us most. From running the Children’s Laureate to giving out books to families and schools, running exciting reading campaigns or celebrating the very best children’s books with our prizes, everything we do aims to inspire children – from babies to teenagers – to get started on their reading journeys.”  They administer and run the Letterbox Club too. If you wish to enrol children there is still time, registration closes on 22nd  July 2022.

It costs £135 per child, but for many children, it’s the first time they have had a letter or a parcel through the post, and for many, it may be the first time they have had books of their own to read and enjoy. Local authorities and schools can use Pupil Premium Plus for children who are looked after and Pupil Premium for other vulnerable children to pay for the books. For more information and a list of benefits click here.

The Letterbox Club