Electricity in the curriculumThere are several free resources covering electricity in the curriculum that are shared online. The first shared as Whizz Pop Bang’s Electric Art pack contains everything needed to teach a full lesson on electricity and circuits for year 6.

Prepare to inspire your scientists-in-training! There’s a simple recipe for conductive salt dough, which pupils can use to make a working circuit to light a bulb or buzz a buzzer, a game, engaging presentations and lots more. It’s minimal preparation for you but maximum learning potential for your pupils.” (Whizz Pop Bang)

FREE Electricity Projects, for children interested in electricity and STEM specifically, are offered by Home School Give Aways:

The word STEM is a new term that we did not have in school when we were growing up. It stands for Science, Engineering, Technology and Math. STEM is an educational philosophy that ties all of these subjects together with lessons that have projects and experiments that create an immersive learning experience.”  (Home School Give Aways ) These projects do look fun!

Electricity Curriculum Facts & Worksheets are a free download from KidsKonnect.

Electricity is all around us and it’s hard to imagine a world without it. If your kids are showing interest in electricity and how it works, this is an ideal pack to guide you through the fundamentals of electricity.”( KidsKonnect, May 27, 2020)

The download is an 8 page curriculum study pack which gives a good introduction to electricity and links to lots of information about electricity on their site as well as this video for simple electricity experiments: