Earth Day activities are shared by lots of websites, in readiness for this year’s celebrations on the 22nd of April.


See the ten different activities offered by kidskonnect who, as well as giving the history of Earth Day introduce their set of activities by saying:

The way we live today hurts our planet and threatens to destroy these beautiful sights. If we want to protect the beauty and health of our planet, and with that our health and future, we should take action!” ( 10 Earth Day Activities for Students of All Ages: – KidsKonnect, April 15, 2021)

The recycle craft ideas are great and the growing flowers fits so well with the science curriculum too.


If your school uses Minecraft in lessons there is a whole set of lesson plans devoted to Earth Day.

Biodiversity: “We partnered with World Wildlife Fund on a new content pack, which includes an immersive Minecraft world and standards-based lessons. Explore these resources for hands-on learning about ecosystems, conservation and biodiversity.” (Minecraft) – Only one of these three lessons is suitable for 8 – 10 years old children.

Sustainability City:Inspired by the sustainability commitments outlined in Microsoft’s Annual Sustainability Report, Sustainability City is designed so that players can explore and learn how sustainable processes work in real life, including the components of a sustainable home, managing waste products, generating electricity, responsible forestry, and more.” (Minecraft) – Four of these lessons are suitable for primary school.

Finally: Climate Futures: “This set of lessons and worlds aligns to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is intended to educate youth about climate change and how they can have an impact on improving the future.” (Minecraft)

The maps and lesson plans are all free to download and even if the lesson plans are too old for your class there is still lots that can be adapted for younger children, many of the lessons are aimed at 8 – 10 years old.