GONOODLE GAMESGoNoodle Games website is offered by STUDYclerk.com. It started in 2013 followed by an app in 2018 which is available for iOS, Android, and more. It is mostly for playing educational mindfulness videos!

They say: “But as anyone who knows kids can tell you: 1) kids love to play games and 2) kids love to watch videos. As kid screen time is increasing, we want to meet kids where they are and make screen time, active time. So, we developed an all-new GoNoodle experience – GoNoodle Games!”(GoNoodle)

The games are designed to get children moving. The children control the games with action so they need to be on the move to play the games.  The sign-up as an educator or parent is free.

The app is free and offers 300+ dance videos, yoga exercises, and mindful activities. The new games available are:

  • “Flo Yo’s Bubble Pop – Help Flo Yo free the fishies and avoid the sharks by waving your hands and moving your body.
  • Om Petalhead’s Flower Power – Clear the weeds in Om’s garden by jumping and sweeping your arms, then chill out and do some yoga with Om… don’t forget to watch out for the bees!
  • Zapp Von Doubler’s Space Race – Jump into Zapp’s character, use your jetpack to steer through space, collecting stars and avoiding space junk.
  • Squatchy Berger’s Rock and Roll – Rock out with Squatchy Berger in this rhythm game with a movement twist. Follow along with your hands while Squatchy lights up the rocks to make music.”

Gonoodle Games sound like a lot of fun. They are free, do not collect children’s data, and are available for use either in school or at home. To see the videos click here.