Dr. Seuss’s BirthdayDr. Seuss’s Birthday is on the 2nd of March and there are celebrations for schools to take part in if they wish.

This – Seussville – site is American – it is a big celebration in that country; however, there are lovely resources that could be really useful to any teacher using any of the Dr Seuss books.

“Not only do Dr Seuss’s imaginative stories make reading and learning fun, they also spark lively discussions about subjects as varied as conservation, kindness, greed, perseverance, and self-discovery. These guides and activities will help you think of fun and interesting ways for your students to learn about Dr Seuss’s world and their own.” (https://www.seussville.com/educators/dr-seuss-in-the-classroom/)

Explore the world through the cat in the hat’s learning library!’ is an 8-page PDF activity guide full of ideas for the primary classroom.

There is a lot of Earth Day content – “What was the land of the Lorax like before the Once-ler arrived? Did it seem like someplace you’d like to live? What parts of your own environment would you be sad to see go?” (https://www.seussville.com/educators/the-lorax-project/)

There are also lots of questions raised about the Lorax story.

There is a whole section about art and drawing, lots of counting and writing activity ideas for the young, and an educator’s section as well as the Dr Seuss’s birthday section.

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday