More Winter Olympic Websites: Further to my previous Winter Olympics post, this one adds more great sites to the Winter Games collection.

Science Kids hosts a whole range of interesting facts about the Winter Games.

We Are Teachers has some great classroom ideas in their 15 Winning Ways to Bring the 22 Winter Olympics to your classroom! There are some very early videos for children to compare what they see now to what went before. It also has information about Beijing and a link to find out lots more about the winter sports event. I love the STEM ski lift activity! That would be quite a challenge for older pupils. The magnet skating rink is a great idea too.

Fun Loving Families has a site developed for the 2018 Winter games, but the crafts and ideas are still good.  The paper cup bobsleds look fun, another magnet and skater craft idea, and Olympic ring cookies if anyone is cooking in the next few weeks. The marshmallow skiers are rather wonderful too!

Below is a very informative video about the winter Olympics:


A read-aloud book: Snowman Paul at the Winter Olympics finishes our More Winter Olympics post.


I can’t find any more winter Olympic sites suitable for Primary school ages children at the moment but what I have provided within the last two posts should help teachers that are considering visiting this topic in class..