Internet Safety Resources 3 – 7 Internet Safety Resources 3 – 7  is a set of new resources for this year’s Safer Internet Day on February the 8th but focussing on the young! These resources could be useful for all early years centres, nurseries, and pre-schools.

The Safer Internet Day 2022 educational resources for ages 3-7 are designed to be adaptable and accessible to support all learners in this age group in exploring this year’s theme, ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’.”(Safer Internet Day)

The site includes assembly slides – 12 slides with questions and prompts “pictures and animated icons to maximise engagement from your learners” along with an assembly script so that they can be easily adapted to suit the age of the children it is being used with.

The learning objectives are shared on the site, they are based on the story ‘Digiduck and the Magic Castle’ from the Digiduck series which is available online and as a book.  There is a full sixes mask available for children to become Digiduck on the day!  As so many very young children spend so much time on the internet, these Internet Safety Resources 3 – 7 will start the learning process about keeping safe whilst using the internet that will carry forward into future lessons as they grow up.

Internet Safety Resources 3 – 7