Christingel eventA Christingle Event held in school at Christmas could be a lovely family occasion that younger siblings as well as those already in school can join in with. It is essentially a Children’s Society fund raising opportunity to help children who are vulnerable, alone and have no-one to turn to. It is a Christmas gift to those children, which is a great lesson for children in the UK where even the poorest have a lot compared with others.

“Last year we worked with 13,000 children and young people between the ages of 10 and 18. We work with children and young people who have had traumatic experiences, who aren’t seen, aren’t understood and help them to find the strength they need to cope. We bring together what’s needed to help them lead the life they should have and realise their potential.” (Children’s Society)

The Christingle itself is an orange, representing the world. It is decorated with sweets and dried fruit representing all of God’s creations.  Red tape or ribbon  representing the love of Christ is wrapped around it and and a candle represents the light of Jesus shining in the world.

It was introduced into this country in 1968 so is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary here.

Celebrate 50 years of Christingle with The Children’s Society from The Children’s Society on Vimeo.

The Christingle Event can be celebrated in Church, in school, out of doors, it can be virtually anywhere but it is a great event for families and friends to join. There is a free guide to help plan an event for school.

“Making the most of your celebration

Christingle’s 50th anniversary is a great opportunity to get everyone together for an even bigger celebration.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Involve your whole community by holding multiple Christingles.
  • Host a retro Christingle event with a 1960s theme.
  • Build a Christingle time capsule to open at a future Christingle anniversary!
  • Have a birthday party to celebrate Christingle’s 50th year.
  • Hide a golden Christingle among some of the orange ones, with prizes for those who find them (your very own version of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket!).
  • Try a record attempt eg how many Christingles can you make in 50 minutes?
  • Let your community know where your event is.” (The Children’s Society)