Halloween Magnetic PoetryHalloween Magnetic Poetry is a free Google doc template shared by a company called Shake Up Learning who specialise in training for the Google Classroom for educators. This is  paid-for training but they share a huge amount of information, podcasts, and blogs freely and in this instance they have shared this seasonal  template with all educators.

Who’s ready for a little Halloween fun with Google Drawings? I’ve created a Halloween-themed magnetic poetry template with Google Drawings for you and your students. There are nearly 100 words in this one, so adapt the words that are appropriate for your grade levels. You can use this as an independent activity, or take it a step further and make it a collaborative activity and see how the poetry evolves. You can use the “magnets” included, or even add your own text boxes to extend the activity.

(Note: The words I created are actually images and cannot be edited, but you can delete them. The images give you more of the “magnet” effect. You can add your own by creating a new text box and filling it with a white background, or right-click on the name box and copy it to use.)” (Shake up Learning’s Kasey Bell)

They have used a Google Draw background, then words to make up poems have been typed out – choosing colours, fonts,  etc, along with new drawings and lots of separate little pictures. They have been added to the google drawing as movable objects. It is easy to do but time consuming! Why not make use of this free template for a bit of Halloween fun?  You could have several versions of it, as mentioned in the quotation above, you can delete words easily so for the one version you could delete a range of words leaving just a set that you want children to use, then you could make a completely different poem with other words – there are many words already on the template so you probably would need to remove some!

To download the Halloween Magnetic Poetry template, visit their page. If you are using the Google Classroom it is well worth getting their newsletter too!

Halloween Magnetic Poetry