Wildwood TrustWild Animal Conservation is a key aspect of the work of the Wildwood Trust.  The Wildwood trust has two centres, one in Kent and one in Devon, they open all year except Christmas day and Boxing day; they accept lots of schools trips but obviously it is too far for schools in Oxfordshire.

However, their website is useful for all teachers, even if you can’t get there to see everything. There is a free downloadable ‘Habitats’ booklet for KS2 (below), providing a teacher’s pack and activity sheets – it is packed full of useful resources.

Downloadable Habitats Booklet for KS2


“This teachers’ resource pack is designed to support the National Curriculum KS2 topic of animal homes and habitats (see also separate pack on Animal Homes). It is based on British wildlife with an emphasis on woodland and can be used on its own or in conjunction with a visit to Wildwood Trust. The first part of the resource pack is information for teachers to introduce the topic of habitats; some sheets may also be used as a literary resource for older children to find out information. The second part features seven classroom science activity sheets. There are also ideas and instructions for a range of art and craft activities (all with a woodland theme) and two literacy sheets for writing and decorating a tree poem.”(Wildwood Trust)

The science activities include a branching data chart for animals and another for minibeasts; it also has a bar chat exercise for minibeasts, these are all for younger KS2.  For older KS2 there is a worksheet on food chains.

The pack is useful for any teacher covering animals and their habitats, if there is nothing actually useful for you in the pack it may inspire some new ideas.

Wildwood trust