Wild Web WoodsWild Web Woods in an Internet safety game commissioned by the Council of Europe:

This game is part of the Council of Europe programme ‘Building a Europe for and with children.’  It’s aims are to get people to know and respect children’s rights and to protect children from any kind of violence. The United Nations have put the rights into legal text – a convention on ‘The rights of the child’. You can find out more by looking at the United Nations websites, or following the links in the council of Europe site www.coe.int/children

In the past 10 years people have changed the way they live because of the internet stop it’s very good but it can be dangerous for children stop a lot of things on the internet are against the law or they attack people in an unfair way that is against the human rights stop our game is designed to help you find out what the traps are so you can become an expert whilst playing and having fun.

The game is based on the council of Europe’s internet literacy handbook which has 21 fact sheets on important issues and contains lots of practical tips for teachers and parents.”(Wild Web Woods)

Wild Web Woods

Children playing are trying to get to the wonderful “E-City” which is a fun place. To get there though they have to cross the Wild Web Woods where adventure and dangers await them. They have to navigate the obstacles, learning all the time about internet safety to get to the other side.  On their way, the children will have to collect the coins called Info, Privacy, Security and Awareness. Scrolls and maps are used to help them navigate. They will encounter cartoon children on the journey and those children ask questions which the player needs to answer correctly to help them. If they help to save all the children on the journey then they can play the fun game in the E-city to finish.

Wild Web Woods

Returning to school for a new school year is a good time to address the very important issue of Online Safety once again. This resources looks very useful.