History of Celtic BritonThe History of Celtic Britain can be seen clearly through the following set of videos created by teachers and shared for other teachers to use.

The history of the Celts and where they came from is changing very quickly, lots of evidence from genetics proves that this title image (right) may be wrong and that they travelled around the edge of the continent to get here but these discoveries are probably for older students!



Miss Stout’s History Class
– This was created by a teacher for year one pupils but it could be useful all across primary school. It is a beautiful pictorial history of the Celts including clothes, jewellery, weapons, food etc.

The Celts:


Celts (below), by Maria Antonietta Sessa, has an animated Skeleton telling the story. Skelly shares important information about the Celts.  It is a pity it is a computer-generated voice and not a human reader, but it is a useful easy history resource with lots of photograph illustrations. The fact that it is narrated by an animated skeleton may engage some young learners!

Celtic Life in the Iron Age. “See some of the skills and technologies from the Iron Age. For information on our Key Stage 1 & 2 teaching collections and other reconstructed artefacts please visit: http://bit.ly/1eg3CBO ”   This video concentrates on food and textile making. It shows the bread making process including grinding the wheat. NB this video is ten minutes long, it is easy to understand and demonstrates historical techniques that it can be difficult for children to visualise. You may wish to choose a section or two from it to meet your requirements. This would be for older children rather than the very young but is a great resource.

More films about the history of Celtic Britain can be found on the Ancient1580 site.