British Wild AnimalsThe study of British wild animals makes a really interesting project where children can get very involved indeed by looking out for animals and recording those that they see. As many children have access to digital cameras, the class could soon make a lovely digital display!

Let’s go wild about Britain’s Wildlife is a website designed especially for children.

“Let’s Go Wild is a website dedicated to promoting Britain’s Wildlife and Wildlife Charities.

Our aim is to keep growing our website, by adding more wildlife facts, fun activities and up to date information on the charities aims and events.”(Let’s Go Wild)

British Wild Animals is beautifully lad out with sections on

  • A – Z of Wildlife Facts
  • Amphibians
  • Birds
  • Insects
  • Mammals
  • Reptiles
  • Sea life
  • Trees
  • Wildflowers

Pictures are used as part of the navigation system so young learners will be able to track down which section they want easily – clicking on the “more info” link opens the full information about each creature.

British Wild Animals

Each creature has a lovely photograph to help with identification.

There is also a whole set of nature activities, including: playing conkers, going crabbing, flower spotting, etc. It looks as though the ones advertised are changed monthly, though it does not actually say that.

British Wild Animals

The Flower Spotting activity must have been for March as the downloadable PDF shows flowers for children to spot in March! The “Build a bug bungalow” is clearly for autumn when bugs are trying to find somewhere to live for the winter – a lovely autumn activity!