Online stranger dangerThis post provides a collection of Online Stranger Danger videos which could be useful end of term viewing, for anyone still in school.

The summer holiday is a time when many children will spend more time alone and maybe online. A timely reminder of keeping them selves safe would be a useful end of term exercise. Reminding pupils that anyone can use any picture and appear to be any age online – thus possibly hiding their real identity – is very important.

Stranger Danger Online – From the Fresh Film Festival 2016, best for years 5 and 6. It is a bit frightening at the end and I think I would stop it seconds before the end for discussion.

‘Lee & Kim’ Cartoon. If you have small children from 4 — 7 years then you should let them view this short 10 minute cartoon, which is designed to keep them safe whilst online. It importantly teaches them this message in their early years.

Stranger Danger: Internet Safety For Kids

Jigsaw: for 8-10 year olds. “This is an assembly from CEOPs Thinkuknow education programme that helps children to understand what constitutes personal information. The assembly enables children to understand that they need to be just as protective of their personal information online, as they are in the real world. It also directs where to go and what to do if children are worried about any of the issues covered.” (YouTube) An old one but unbeatable!

Girls – Think u Know. This is another very useful CEOP video; however, it is not easy watching and should only be used with year 6 as part of a serious lesson. Not light viewing

Who are you really talking to online?

Who are you really talking to?