Toys TimelinesToys timelines give a clear picture of how toys have developed over the years and are very useful when undertaking a Toys from the Past topic in class. Here are a few that are on offer online:

Brighton Museum offers a brief but long overview of the history of toys timeline starting back from Egyptian times but it is very simple, lacking any detail and does not have many images.

Genius of Play provides a lovely toys timeline. It is all images, great for the very young. Who knew that Brio trains are from the 1880s yet yoyos are from the 1920s? These images do slot well into the Brighton timeline and could support all of the information shared there! I am totally amazed that the slinky and silly putty are from the 1940s! This timeline is very clear and engaging.

For anyone with a SMARTBoard there is an interactive timeline shared on the TES website. MissPoolescoolschool is accredited for this one!

There is also a free toys timeline, showing decades in pictures, available as a display to download from Teacher’s Pet. This is a set of 18 cards showing what decade different toys were created. Cards include: Teddy Bear 1900’s and Barbie doll 1950’s.  A display of these on the wall offer a great way to discuss timelines or you could use it as an independent ordering activity.

Toys Timelines