Project NoahProject Noah stands for Networked Organisms and Habitats. It’s a tool that anyone can use to explore and create a record of local wildlife around their school. Scientists are then able to call on that information, if it will help them in their research.

 “How do you use Project Noah in your classroom?

Hundreds of educators are using Project Noah right now to help solve real-world problems and achieve key learning objectives by encouraging their students to experience nature. Whether your goal is to reinforce writing skills or help protect a threatened habitat, there’s an active and inspiring community of educators and nature enthusiasts ready to share ideas and offer advice. Follow us on Twitter, join our Facebook community, or email us your thoughts and feature requests.” (Project Noah)

While the project is for all ages, to encourage children in particular to take part in the project the teachers. Scientists and researchers at Project Noah have developed a story in comic book form, based on art and science. It is designed to interest children and draw them in.

Project Noah

Teachers can create a free account–  they register as a teacher to access the educational tools, set up the classroom and manage the students. It is all very straightforward.

Project NoahProject Noah