An Adventure at SeaAn Adventure at Sea is a Primary Stem Maritime project, covering eight core stem activities which require children to design, build, launch, load and propel the ships they need for their task. Previously schools have used this as a post SATs year 6 project, it lends itself to that ideally. Design and Technology and Science are the main curriculum areas covered and activities are mostly done in groups. The project starts with the question “So, how did your shoes get here, and how could you travel on holiday?The answer is by ship and that is the basis of the whole project.

“The Maritime Growth Study which was undertaken in 2015 indicated there is a lack of awareness in the UK of the importance of the maritime sector to everyday living and many young people have little idea of the breadth of career opportunities that exist across the maritime sector. In response to this Growth Study the Maritime Educational Foundation has funded this Project to raise awareness of the Maritime Industry to the primary sector. As fellow teachers, our focus throughout the Project is to make it as easy as possible for the teachers to deliver and for the children to have fun. The Project is aimed at Year 6 children, after SATs as an engaging, enjoyable experience through which they can showcase knowledge previously learned. Although we have supplied a set of Teacher’s Notes for each activity, the activities have not been designed to ‘teach from scratch’ but rather an opportunity for the children to develop and explore what they already know.” (An Adventure at Sea)

Teachers Notes The Teachers Notes for An Adventure at Sea are thorough and lead a teacher through the activities, explain the teacher’s role and offer suggestions that are really well supported by the website. The children’s section of the website lead children through the project.

Everything you need for this exciting project is shared through the website. It looks a very exciting project and the examples shared make it sound as though it was a huge success where it has been done previously.

An Adventure at Sea