Clips from Apple is a freely downloadable app which allows children to make videos very quickly and easily.  Children can use Clips to create a digital story from their own photographs by adding animated text, music, emojis, and fun stickers featuring characters from Star Wars, Disney and Pixar. They can add video, voice and choose from any photographs in their library, as well as adding ones they take on a school outing or similar. Photographs can be extended in time to act as a background for an audio explanation or similar.  There is a free music library to enable users to add background music to their work.  Live title and captions, speech bubbles and more can be added with voice. There are also artistic filters for those who wish to experiment further, these can certainly help with ghost stories and that sort of thing, adding dramatic effects to an otherwise normal piece of video.

Here is a brilliant little video showing how one teacher makes a small video story very quickly.

If your iPads have a built in gyroscope, any 360 degree photographs taken can be added to a Clips video.

The best thing about videos made with Clips is that they can be shared quickly and easily in the classroom situation. There is smart sharing built in, so the iPad knows who you usually share videos with and allows you to share quickly and easily. A whole class project would probably be best added to FlipGird for viewing later. If the class has iCloud then everyone could access the videos from there.

*iPhone 7 or later or 2017 iPad Pro required for some filters

Here is one set of ideas for using Apple Clips in the classroom

Finally, the following video is a very good Clips tutorial: