Curriculum Video Resources Curriculum Video Resources, of which there are thousands, are scattered far and wide across a huge variety of YouTube Channels. It has to be said that not every teacher wants to go to YouTube in the classroom because of the adverts, the list of videos you may like to watch down the site and the possibility of arriving at video clips simply not appropriate for primary school. An easy way around that problem is to find the good videos that you want to share and use  a site such as those below:


 Curriculum Video Resources



 Curriculum Video Resources


These sites, and probably many more, allow you to copy a  curriculum video Resource YouTube address, paste it into their Video URL in order that you can watch the videos  without adverts, offers of different videos and probably what is most important – without being able to see user comments.

For almost any topic being studied in school there are lots and lots of educational videos shared by companies, book companies, educational companies and teacher made films. A simple search on YouTube, taking time to watch two or three in order to decide what is covering exactly what you want to teach at the right level for your children will give plenty of classroom viewing opportunities. Bookmark the resources, make a list of the urls and then go to one of the resources mentioned above to paste your list of urls in to make for easy YouTube viewing in the primary classroom.

Some of the very popular channels that share curriculum video resources are:

National Geographic Kids

  • Girls Outside: Celebrate Women’s History Month
  • Wild Animal Jobs
  • Bandit Patrol
  • Animal LOL
  • What Sam Sees
  • What Am I?
  • It’s Year Of The Dog!
  • It’s a Winter Wonderland
  • Science with Sophie
  • Animals of Fall!
  • Celebrate Halloween!

Kids Learning Videos
Kids Learning Videos creates and provides fun and educational videos for children and toddlers. This site is especially good for younger children.

Free School has playlists on various topics, including:

“159 Educational Videos for Kids” on the topics which may be useful int he UK including:

  • The Mythology and Astronomy of Constellation
  • Astronomy and Space for Children
  • Literature
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Animal Videos for Kids
  • Ancient History for Kids
  • Famous Landmarks and World Heritage Sites
  • Earth Science
  • Science Rules
  • Winter, Ice, and Snow
  • Classic Poems for Kids
  • Science for Kids
  • Solar Eclipse Videos for Kids
  • Exploring the Ocean
  • Solar System Tour
  • Famous Artists For Kids
  • English Grammar for Kids
  • Math
  • Learn About the Moon
  • Storytime
  • Mozart

Kid’s Learning Tube also host playlists on an eclectic range of subjects:

  • Geography of the World
  • Countries of the World
  • Elementary School
  • Earth Science Facts
  • Grammar
  • ABC Songs
  • Basic Learning Songs for Kids
  • Motivational Songs for Kids
  • Human Body Songs for Kids
  • Solar System Songs for Kids
  • Solar System Songs
  • The Bones In Your Body
  • Nutrition for Kids
  • Math
  • Famous Inventors

Math & Learning Videos 4 Kids

Their  curriculum video resources playlists are simply age related: First to fourth grades, Preschool and Kindergarten and Learning Time.