has a massive range learning resources, with lesson plans, guided lessons and games. It is a paid-for resource that may well be worth the cost. However, I was interested to see that I could play most of the games freely just through joining with my Facebook account and not even having a school linked.

“ is the award-winning provider of high-quality, standards-aligned digital and printable resources for schools, teachers and students.” (

In the Learning Resources section it says: “In this day and age, learning resources have moved online. Choose from a wide variety of interactive learning help, such as activity instructions, games, guided lessons, and good old-fashioned worksheets. Whether you’re a parent, an after school guide, or a homeschool teacher, our library of resources is sure to give you just what you need to make your student a star.”(

So – looking around, there are over 600 interactive games which would be great on laptops, desktops or best of all, shared on the IWB. It looks as though children can get them at home too.  As I tried to play a game I got the login screen where I joined with Facebook. I was not asked for any money or details just to say I was over 13, clearly a parent or teacher would need to log in.  I chose a year group, not that that seems to make a difference I can see the games and activities for all ages for all subjects.

I played several games:

“One fish, two fish, add up all the fish! In this interactive addition game, kids help Birdee and Cuz-Cuz total up all the fish they’ve won. Inspired by tactile addition activities, this game helps kids visualize addition without the use of manipulatives, to help early learners transition from solving problems in a concrete way to solving problems using mental addition strategies.”

Greater than and less than:

“Welcome to the swamp, where the alligators reside. Lucky for your kid, these are friendly alligators and they are hungry for numbers! In this comparing numbers math game, your child uses the classic mnemonic device of the alligator mouth representing the less than and greater than signs. When the two numbers appear, your kid chooses the alligator whose mouth is pointing toward the larger number. ” Where the lovely illustration will help children remember forever!

There is a whole section of activitiy ideas too:

All in all – a really useful resource. Do note it is not all free but what is there and freely available is well worth adding to your list of go to places for IWB games.
When it comes to online gaming details you may read the full report here in our website. Check it today.