123ICT Create a Digital Game Competition

Calling all Key Stage Two Coders and Game Designers of the future!

This is your chance to win a one year Zu3D Animation Multi Platform Site Licence, or a free 123ICT Pupil Workshop for your school!

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As learning to code is an important part of the Computing Curriculum, we thought that it would be good if our last competition of the year was to create a simple digital game.

This has been an extremely popular competition which we have held annually, over the last four years. We welcome entries using coding applications such as: Scratch, Kodu, 2Simple 2Code and Hopscotch for iPads.

We feel that this competition provides an excellent opportunity for children to further their programming ability and that it will also, hopefully, ignite their creativity.

The competition is for Key Stage Two children and, in addition to providing a vehicle for them to create an enjoyable digital game of their own, it will also allow them to further hone their program writing and debugging skills.

In addition, to the above computing benefits, your school could possibly win our star prize, which is a one year Zu3D Multi Platform Site Licence ( allowing you to put the fantastic Zu3D animation software on all your computers and iPads, as well as enabling your students to install it at home), kindly donated by Zu3D. 

The runner up school will receive a free 123ICT pupil workshop for your school!


Closing date for the competition is Friday 13th of July 2018.


Further Information

Full competition details and guidelines can be found by clicking the link below, or by visiting our website 2017-18 Competitions Page:

Digital Game Competition Details


Should you have any further questions regarding the competition, please e-mail them to:competitions@123ict.co.uk , or speak to your 123ICT Consultant who will be more than happy to assist you.

Good luck, we look forward to viewing your competition entries! There are endless new options for fun in our gaming website, visit us to find out more!

Gaming Aps Tpt Bground