Super HeroesSuper Heroes play a big part in the lives of children, between videos games, television and films they will already know many of them. No doubt, they will enjoy some of them being brought into the curriculum.

Teachwire, a free to join site sharing teaching plans, hosting competitions, sharing articles and news, so already well worth joining. It has a resource for Super Heroes created by Pie Corbett. (

I downloaded the PDF which contains four teaching ideas. The leaflet is brightly coloured, attractive to children and the learning outcomes for the activities are:

    • To create new ideas
    • To write an imaginative set of instructions,
    • To create simple list poems
    • To write a non-chronological report.

Children will make a super hero, invent their own and have lots of fun.

Reading through the document is great, there are lots of exciting ideas there for children to explore.

Super Heroes

Apart from the Super Heroes lesson there are many other resources, catalogued by age. I looked at a split-pin body activity where children match up the parts to make one of the four different bodies available. This is fun and a great activity to look at when doing a project about people, such as ‘all about me’.

I found very attractive tables learning pages Рalthough all are printable, none  are interactive. These would however possibly be useful for children who need help at either end of the usual class group Рsupporting those who need extra help, or those who need pushing on.

It is, I think, fair to say that there is not a lot there yet. I searched several subjects and found nothing, but it is worth adding to the list of places to check for resources. If the resource is there, then there it seems to be a useful resources and it has a downloadable PDF to support the lesson.

Super Heroes