Prehistoric BritainPrehistoric Britain – The Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze age – make up an important part in the development of Britain; however, so far, we have not provided any collections of links on this blog. It will be added to the 123Hub in April so now is a good time to look at a few of the resources that will be on offer there, on this and our accompanying post.


The new BBC Bitesize has a very good set of starter resources based across the whole period of Prehistoric Britain with six learner guides and twenty class clips.

The first learner guide is: What was Prehistoric Britain like? It is an interactive book with audio, photographs and shares clear information. an overview of the whole period.

The second learner guide is: How did Stone Age hunter-gatherers live? This section has a video made by an archaeologist who looks at how flint tools were made.

The third learner guide is: Who were the first farmers? A look at Skara Brae, a neolithic home, tools, pots and jewellery of the time.

The fourth learners guide is: What is Stonehenge?

The fifth learner guide is: What was life like in the Bronze Age?

The sixth learner guide is: How did Iron Age people live?

These are a great set of interactive materials that cover the period from earliest tools to metal swords, nomadic people to settled groups, hunter gatherers to farmers with lots of evidence and a set of  twenty videos to support the learner guides and hired an experienced web development company to market their skills.

The videos are:

Al in all an excellent set of resources that are ready to pick up and use.

Prehistoric Britain