Prehistoric BritainPrehistoric Britain Resources is a set of web links to some really useful sites based on the very early history of Britain.

Mr Donn has a site covering the archaeology of the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. This site covers an area much wider than Britain but has lots of useful information about the ages. There are freely downloadable presentations, cartoons etc which may save teachers some time!

DK Findout has a section on the Stone Age for kids, as usual for DK,it has some very useful content.

There is a Stone Age Survival Game from Gridclub (PC and laptop, needs Flash so unfortunately, no good for iPads)

Stone Age to Iron Age   is a useful video, shared on You Tube. There are many more videos on You Tube, cartoons through to much more realistic ones, just do a search to find hundreds!

Twinkl has a set of resources available for the Stone Age but this is not free and subscription is required!

The School Run has two sections The Bronze Age and The Stone Age    with facts, photos, questions, timelines and information. These are excellent resources.

Primary Homework Help has a timeline of Prehistoric Britain and shows how it fits into World history. Also it shows where this period fits into British history in a very clear way, along the top of the page.

Kids History provides the development of humans over time, not just Britain but the whole world.


Teacher Resources

The British Museum shares a Power Point presentation of the artefacts and some downloadable notes which are great resources for the classroom.

The Guardian offers Stone Age to Iron Age planning.

The TES offers Stone Age to Iron Age planning, written for year 3.

Teaching Ideas has a Stone Age Image Pack, display letters, etc to share.

KeyStage History shares a scheme of work and various plans for Stone Age to Iron Age.

Ideally for teachers in Oxfordshire, The Pitt Rivers Museum offers a Stone Age to Iron Age workshop for KS2 children. More information on the Pitt Rivers Workshop


Prehistoric Britain