Imagine ForestImagine Forest is a free to use resource which will help children’s story writing. It offers daily goals, a little bit of writing every day will help children improve and the daily goals will encourage even reluctant writer.

“Imagine Forest makes writing stories easy and fun. Never again will you be lost for inspiration or story ideas. Improve your creative writing skills and imagination through completing quick and fun activities.”(Imagine Forest Website)

Children can earn badges for completing activities –  this element of gamification will appeal to many young writers.

The library holds the following set of stories:

  • The Story of a Potato
  • Flamingo in the snow
  • Wolfe and me
  • The Tale of Roosty the Rooster
  • An elephant for a pet
  • Castle of Dreams

These have discussion boards where children can comment on the story.

There is a set of lessons to watch – video one is Where do Ideas come from? Once a learner has watched that one he/she can progress to the next one. These videos are short and child friendly, the first one is 3.25 minutes. I don’t like the digital text reader used to make the video and would have preferred a human voice, but there is a transcript and the homework is the first bit of writing – asking about the senses, what can you hear, feel, see small etc.

The resources on offer here are: a Rhyming Dictionary, dictionary, thesaurus, printables, the library, character name generator, children’s own space to post things, a Character Creator and a writing space. The Story Idea Generator is great:

Imagine Forest

My story is:

Describe a very unusual day for a smelly boy who has to save the world.

This can be saved to a notes area.

My Character is:Imagine Forest

and, I got my first badge!

Imagine Forest

Imagine Forest is simply a great new resource that children could use at any time – in school, at home and in story writing lessons too, so long as they had access to a computer. I think it would be really useful for children who find writing a real challenge.