At the recent Bett show, I visited ZapzapMath, a new to me company that is offering interactive Maths games for computers, or mobile devices, suitable for the primary school age range.

There are over 150 maths lessons included in the games, split up by year group and all easily monitored by either a teacher, or parent. This set of games is something that could easily be used for extension, support or just homework fun. It is free.

I joined myself – as both parent and child – and received the child’s log in details as the parent. Clearly I could just log my child in as and when I wanted to and let them play the games. (I have to admit that the ratio game for year 6 was about the top of my mathematical ability!) I am not sure how it works as a teacher, but it all seems very straightforward.

Personally, I can’t bear the music – but the maths games seemed great and engaging.

In their press release ZapzapMath says:

“As we all know, maths is necessary to succeed in any profession today, be it for a venture capitalist, entrepreneur, journalist or even a lawyer. In spite of this, parents and teachers around the world have trouble keeping kids interested and engaged in maths. Kids not only find maths boring and difficult but also struggle with simple maths concepts. As a result, we are seeing a general decline and deterioration in maths skills of kids all around the world. Here’s where Zapzapmath comes in with its innovative and engaging maths planetary ecosystem. It has taken every maths topic in Kindergarten to Grade 6 and turned them into a gamified maths learning ecosystem. Today, Zapzapmath offers over 180 fun and engaging maths games that meet international standards across the world. Zapzapmath’s games does not only encourage maths mastery in its players, but also elements of higher-order thinking. As the players enjoy the games, their in-game progress data is connected to a web dashboard which produces progress and analytical reports for parents and teachers. Parents and teachers of Zapzapmath kids can also expect enhanced features in the web dashboard, an online platform that keeps track and reports on their players’ progress by game and by maths topic over time. The latest version of the web dashboard now sports a new user interface and an improved reporting system that details a player’s progress chronologically.”(ZapzapMath)


I was given a free class trial – I guess the first teacher who visits ZapzapMath and uses the following code will get it – BDVRUH9 – after that – sorry you will have to apply for one yourselves. Contact and request a trial.