123HUB News. Here we are in February, nearly half way through the spring term already and time continues to be at a premium for teachers.  Why not let the 123HUB save you some precious time and help you to find the right quality resources that you need? We now have over 1900 great online resources to choose from – check out what is on offer on the 123HUB below:


Our super new themes for February 2018 are World War Two (WW2) and The Winter Olympics!


WW2.  Following on from January’s WW1 featured theme, our theme for February 2018 is the compelling and momentous topic of World War Two (WW2).   WW2 involved many countries around the globe fighting against each other, including the UK.  It lasted six years, from 1939-1945.  We have over 40 excellent WW2 themed websites on offer.  Collectively, the resources cover WW2:   history, countries and geography, warfare, technology and inventions, communications, propaganda, art, children, famous people, the home front, rationing, famous battles and a lot more besides.

The resources comprise of a mixture of: information, facts, research, hands-on activities, illustrations, audio and video clips, as well as some detailed planning – each of which will effectively support this exceptionally attention-grabbing and very wide-ranging theme.


The Winter Olympics.  The 23rd Winter Olympics gets under way in Pyeongchang, South Korea, on 9 February and in addition to our WW2 theme above, we thought that we should really provide resources to cover this great sporting event.  We have ten really useful resources that should help teachers to mark the event in the classroom.


The featured theme is updated monthly during the school year. Watch out for our great poetry resources coming in March 2018!


123HUB’s Archived Featured Themes

The 123HUB features new interesting themes each month. Every theme includes a vast number of links to really useful research, planning and teaching resources from around the world. These, collectively, should satisfy the requirements of any related creative curriculum, or classroom topic. Click on the links below to have a look at the brilliant themes that have already been featured and are now archived on the 123HUB to date:

If there are any topics that we have not covered and you would like us add to our featured themes collection in the future, please let us know at: hub@123ict.co.uk

Other planned featured themes to look forward to in the coming months:

  • Poetry
  • Dinosaurs & Fossils
  • Toys
  • Superheroes
  • Anglo-Saxons
  • Celtic Britain
  • Wild Animals and their Habitats
  • Rivers & Coasts
  • Great Fire of London

If you haven’t checked out the fantastic 123HUB yet, here is why you really should:

The 123HUB is designed to assist teachers in finding quality on-line teaching resources via a simple 1 – 2 – 3 search. Our aim is to take the effort and guesswork out of finding the best online resources that are available for teachers. It is envisaged that the 123HUB will grow to include thousands of educational websites (currently there are over 1900 resources to be found on the site). Rest assured that, each of the sites that we include, will have been carefully reviewed and rated according to their relevance to the new Primary Curriculum. You can trust in the quality of the sites published as they have been evaluated by members of our team, who are also qualified teachers.

123HUB is FREE for teachers and by registering; you can create your own planner and save useful sites for further reference. Registered teachers can also recommend their favourite websites for inclusion.

Why not check out the 123HUB – at: www.123hub.co.uk – now, take advantage of our exciting new teaching resources for teachers and join the growing 123HUB community?

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123SOW is completely cloud based and designed for individual schools, or multi-academy trusts. It is a flexible, interactive scheme of work for the UK Primary Computing Curriculum.

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