Toy ProjectA toy project is great fun and very interesting for children; even the very young recognise a toy as an object of play. The topic lends itself to history and D&T beautifully and there are lots of resources shared freely with teachers and children on the topic.

There are a few completely free downloadable resources shared by teachers through the TES – these photo cards look especially useful for whiteboard use: first set of resources  and a second set.

Hamilton Trust – has a whole set of lesson plans: sorting old and new, making a traditional toy, painting images, book illustration photographs, etc..

Primary Resources – shares a lesson progression sheet, 2009- 2019 but may have some really useful ideas to inspire!

Teaching Ideas – has a collection of ideas related to using toys in the classrooms – all sorts from fidget spinners to Traction man. I had never thought of it, but I like printing with Lego blocks!

Scholastic – offers a couple of free resources related to toys, Past and Present Toys –  Activities and Punch and Judy cut out characters.

A free set of downloadable topic sheets based on toys is shared by SparkleBox. The old and new toy sorting cards are useful and could be used to create an ICT tree sorting activity.

Resources for display are freely share by Displays at Teacher’s Pet. There are editable jigsaws, banners and borders, modern toy labels, Victorian toy labels and word mat, Toy fact cards and time line resources. This is a site well worth investigating for printable display materials and classroom resources.

Everyschool from the Crickweb – offers a great set of resources for a toy project. The resources consist of a set of interactive resources for children to explore. The first is ‘Back in Time’ where children look at an old house. ‘A Classroom Museum’ is a sorting activity, there is a comparison exercise, a lesson plan based on how toys have changed, an interactive Toys and Games resource, a pictogram, a couple of timelines and an interactive about a Toy Repair man. These resources are aimed at KS1 ideally.

Toy Project