Christmas FunChristmas Fun @ has some great ideas for the last couple of days of term! The children could use the site at home too – there are lots of interesting features here.

Children could design a toy making machine – see this one for an example

Check whether they have been naughty or nice this year – just use children’s first names; there will be lots of ideas generated which could be shared with the class that children could discuss!

For example my first report is

“What a great person and friend! Definitely a “Nice!” Wonderful job of always considering others. Hands out compliments regularly. Knows the great importance of “please” and “thank you.” A good role model. The main suggestions for improvement: eat more veggies and really wash those hands!”

My second:

“Just when we were about to give a “Naughty” rating, this one came through last week with a good deed. Great work! Back to the “Nice” list. But watch out for interrupting when others are talking, and burping without an “excuse me” even when you think no one heard the burp! Remember, I hear it all!”

These ideas, in the Christmas Fun site, are a lovely focus on being polite and about general hygiene –  it raises good discussion points and reminders!

The Christmas Party Planning page has lovely craft ideas, make invitations, name cards, etc.

Children can write an email to Santa  in the post office – they may get a reply but no promises there.

Visit the garage and elfinise a vehicle for Santa!

This site has lots of fun things but also has the naughty but nice section which could make it useful in the classroom.

Christmas Fun