Christmas PoemsChristmas poems are a firm favourite at home for bedtime reading but they may also make a lovely ending to the school day,  in the last few days before school breaks up. I did quite a lot of searching about the web, finding it fairly difficult to track down some useful sets of children’s poems, even many marked for children were really not suitable.

The first one listed here was always a favourite with my own children:

“Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Clarke Moore”

This version, shared by Primary Resources, can be printed off and shared with children if required. There are comprehension questions following the poem which could be used as part of a group reading session.

There are several beautiful videos of the poem if preferred:


A very old print- type of copy is supplied by The Guttenberg Library, possibly the original version, it may be interesting to get children to do a comparison between versions!

Primary Success offer a free PDF of children’s Christmas poems and rhymes (link below) with some lovely but unknown ones. There are a couple of acrostics which may be used as examples – at least one could easily be used for a concert. This has a few items which may be especially useful for young children such as Nine Little Reindeer (sung to the tune of Ten Little Indians),  Christmas Time (sung to The Farmer’s in his Dell), The Reindeer Pokey (to the tune of the Hokey Cokey) and Guess Who (to the tune of London’s Bridge is Falling Down).

Free Primary Success PDF of Children’s Christmas Poems and Rhymes


This is a very useful collection of Christmas poems as they are unknown – there are ideas to encourage children to write such as:

At Christmas time,
I can hear ______.
I can hear ______.
But I can’t hear ______!
I can smell ______.
I can smell ______.
But I can’t smell ______ (Taste…., touch ….., see…….)

My favourite out of this collection which includes a rework of The Night Before Christmas starting

‘Twas the days before Christmas,
And all through the school,
The teachers were trying
To keep their cool.

And the poem:

Santa’s Spill

Santa’s Spill
Christmas time was here,
Everything was white,
Santa Claus was on his way
One dark and stormy night.
Look up and see what happened
Way up in the sky;
Santa’s sleigh tipped over,
And he fell from way up high.
All the toys came tumbling
Over the little town.
Santa used his empty bag
To parachute right down.
On merry Christmas morning
Santa hurried away
Before the children should wake up
And all come out to play.

A funny note to end on is The Poem: We Fish You a Hairy Kiss Moose!

We fish you a hairy kiss moose
We fish you a hairy kiss moose
We fish you a hairy kiss moose
And a hoppy new ear!


Christmas Poems