The Great Fire of LondonThe Great Fire of London is one of the most significant event during the reign of the Stuarts. This event is often studied by KS1 and there are many resources created for that age but if KS2 are studying the Stuarts it may well crop up and children may wish to revisit and learn more about the event. These sites include medium term planning and lots of resources:

Hamilton Trust – offers free resources on the Great Fire of London – this sounds a brilliant set of resources!

“Be gripped by this significant historic event from the 17th Century! Contrast fire-safety from the past with today. Study the buildings of the period and create your own buildings. Study the rhymes and songs of the time; study St Paul’s Cathedral and make sketches, prints, clay sculptures and 3D models inspired by this great building. Enthused by the famous diarists Samuel Pepys and John Evelyn, write diaries and read them at your class coffee shop! Learn about the food of the time and bake bread. Finally organise a classroom tour of 17th Century London to demonstrate all the knowledge you have acquired.

Find out more about how we fight fires today compared with how fires were fought in the 17th century. Generate questions about the Great Fire of London, research the answers and finally write reports for a class newspaper ‘Great Fire’ special edition.”(Hamilton Trust)

The TES – has a set of resources for teaching this period of history.

The Great Fire of London Game – would be a great introduction to the topic.

The School Run – has a timeline of the Great Fire of London allowing children to explore how it spread.

Everyschool – has a free quiz , this drag and drop activity is to test your knowledge of the Great Fire of London.

Samuel Pepys and his Diary Entries – this is an interactive game for KS1. Children may need the help of an adult to read the instructions and information.

BBC Samuel Pepys – this site features Samuel Pepys as part of the BBC famous people section

There are lots of resources covering this period in history at the Primary Resources Website

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The Great Fire of London