Appleton Wildlife DiaryAppleton Wildlife Diary is a really lovely local resource created by a young naturalist:

“This is my diary of the wildlife where I live in Oxfordshire, and sometimes the places I visit. I am a 14 year old young naturalist with a passion for British wildlife, especially Badgers and Hares. I have been blogging since May 2013 and you can read my old blog posts at

Alex has a brilliant collection of wildlife videos – see this one about badgers:

There is video footage of water voles, a muntjac being chased off by a badger, deer, more badgers, birds, and a set of really beautiful photographs.

Alex’s posts are beautifully written, they are engaging and well-illustrated with beautiful pictures. The whole diary is an enchanting read and I can seriously imagine many children deciding to read his blog instead of a book.

A huge part of the blog consists of posts created about local animals around Oxfordshire but this young naturalist has travelled further afield and has posts from South Africa too.

He writes about the local butterflies, bees, minibeasts, moths, garden birds, owls, lambs, foxes and more, it is very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the lamb rescue and Cumnor Pond inauguration where he gives some of the local history and legend as well as a wildlife report!

Bravo Alex!

Appleton Wildlife Diary