Winter PE

Winter PE may well include Gymnastics and Games Lessons, especially indoor games when the weather may prevent outdoor activities. Here are some sites with lesson plans that may well help new teachers plan their bad weather, or winter PE lessons:

Gymnastics lessons

Here are some web sites offering gymnastics lesson plans:

Create Development offer one free lesson plan from their Real Gym range. It is a wonderful free offer, well worth downloading however confident one feels about teaching gymnastic lessons. It may inspire some new ideas or activities:Download the Real Gym Lesson Plan Sample


Hertfordshire Grid for Learning – still has its set of gym lesson plans available. There are some good ideas there.

Schoolsnet has six complete units of gym plans which are free to download. These are sound lessons to help anyone beginning gym lessons.

First School Years – offers a whole set of plans related to the old QCA units. Once again, these are very good, useful resources.

Indoor Games Lessons

Teaching Ideas – has a set of game ideas that would be great for use in a hall space. Some old favourites are here including the Raft Game and Stinky Witches.

Teachhub – offers the Top Ten Indoor Games and Classroom Activities. “While many of you have heard of brain breaks and probably use them throughout your day, it still may not be enough to ease some of that tension. Here are 10 teacher-tested classroom activities that will help you let out some of that pent-up energy in a controlled, yet fun way.” (Teachhub)

Active for Life – has educational games for the young, most of these could be played in a hall.

 Activity Village – provides a whole set of games many of which could be played in a school hall.

“Perfect for parties, family gatherings, first days at school, summer camps – there are group games listed here that all ages will enjoy! You’ll find some below that work best as indoor games, and some that are definitely for outdoors and require lots of space. We’ve got good team games here too.”(Activity Village)

Pinterest – has a huge selection of PE ideas but not necessarily lesson plans.