Online Safety policyThe Kent Online Safety policy template and supporting guidance has been updated by   The Education Safeguarding Team  for September 2017. These documents are very like the ones that the Oxfordshire Team used to develop for schools, they were useful then, so these may be now!

Updates within the template and guidance include:

▪     Reordered layout

▪     Updated content regarding social media

▪     Updated content regarding the use of mobile phones and personal devices

▪     Updated information regarding local and national guidance, contacts and resources

▪     Updated suggested procedures regarding online safety concerns, including sexting and cyberbullying

▪      ‘How to respond to an online safety concern’ flowchart that is also available as a separate downloadable document, see link below:Responding to an Online Safety Concern Document


To support educational settings to review their current practice and action plan for the future, the Kent Online Safety self-review tools have also been updated which includes information about mobile security:

Online Safety Self-Evaluation Tool: Early Years

Online Safety Self-Evaluation Tool: Schools


The Kent Online Safety policy template is offered to educational establishments as a starting point towards creating an appropriate online safety policy. The green content in the template requires  leaders and  managers to think about their own practice and alter the wording to reflect their own practices. Teachers, curriculum leads and technical staff should all be involved in adapting this template to ensure it is up-to-date and fit for purpose as well as being a true reflection of what actually happens in school.

The updated 2017 online safety policy template is  supported with: “How to write an Online Safety Policy: Guidance for Leaders, Managers and Designated Safeguarding Leads”. This document seeks to enable leaders and managers to explore policy decisions and to implement actions which best suit the needs of their community. It is recommended that leaders, managers and DSLs access this guidance before using the policy template.

How to write an online safety policy; Guidance for Leaders, Managers and Designated Safeguarding Leads

Kent Educational Settings Online Safety Policy Template: September 2017


Online Safety Policy