Wordsmyth Dictionary Widget

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Wordsmyth is a very useful on-line dictionary and thesaurus widget which is freely available to download and easy to use in the primary school classroom.

It is used from the bookmark bar of your internet browser so can be downloaded onto any device that connects to the internet (i.e. phones, iPod Touches, netbooks, laptops and PCs). After an introduction on school computers, why not encourage pupils to make use of Wordsmyth on their own devices at home?

To download:

  1. Wordsmyth widget pictureGo to the Wordsmyth website
  2. Ignore the adverts (!)
  3. Look for the widget offer just down the page
  4. Choose which level dictionary that would be suitable for your pupils by ticking the radio button
  5. Drag the blue WordsmythNow lozenge on to your bookmarks bar.


Once it is downloaded:

  1. Wordsmyth searchGo to your bookmark bar
  2. Click on WordsmythNow at any time to search the dictionary
  3. Type your word into the box
  4. Click on OK
  5. The results will then appear


For the beginner’s dictionary the results include:

  • Wordsmyth Beginners Resultsa simple definition, often including pictures
  • a pronounciation button so pupils can listen to the word
  • which part of speech it is (i.e. noun, verb etc)
  • example phrases
  • similar words (i.e. synonyms)
  • a list of possibilities if the word is not recognised
  • Note: it is possible to get rid of the adverts if  you pay for the service. 

The Wordsmyth children’s dictionary is also suitable for use in primary schools and offers a greater number of useful features (i.e. homophones, antonyms, inflections) as well as more detailed definitions and synonyms.

If you would like a demo or need help installing Wordsmyth, just ask your 123ICT consultant when they are next in school!