Word Mover – Magnetic Poetry Maker

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Word Mover Magnetic Poetry makerWord Mover  is a magnetic poetry maker.  It is free to use. Users can either drag words from a word bank, or add their own.  It is easy to create a new poem or to open one previously worked on. Completed poems can be printed, emailed, saved to a computer or shared on the site.

Word Mover could be great for practice in a second language, for example French. Children opening a teacher made file can move the words around to create a known rhyme such as my example below, Alouette. This gives children lots of visual practice of well known words.

There is a word bank available, but I added my set of French words:

Word Mover Magnetic Poetry maker

When I re-opened it, as if a child, I could drag and drop the words to make the rhyme, add my own choice of background and send it to the printer, or save it as a final version. Sadly – though I would have loved to share the file here so that you could try out my simple offering – the server will not allow me to upload it, saying files of this sort are not permitted 🙁


Word Mover Magnetic Poetry maker

I guess all of us could think of many different ways this could be used in classrooms.