Questions in the Digital Classroom

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QuestionAsking Questions in the Digital Classroom. This is a selection of tools to help you make random question choices in the digital classroom. Please let us know if you know of any good ones to add to our list.







Name Picker . This is a great way of choosing names, groups or adding questions to a simple web page tool which will choose randomly.


Questions in the Digital Classroom



You can also make a simple mental maths game –  see:


In this one, you could also test knowledge by asking

  • yellow and green make
  • red and blue make
  • white and red make
  • yellow and red make

or other topic related very short questions just warm up sot check knowledge or understanding in a fun way.


Name Generator.  This is a simple online tools where a teacher can paste the class names in and delete them one by one until everyone has had a chance to answer.

name generator

name generator 2



Mini Web Tool . This is completely different, not so engaging but useful for questions as you can add whole sentences:

Questions in the Digital Classroom


Decide NowThis app is a  great way of randomising mental maths queries and keeping every child on their toes when using an iPad. It allows you to populate a similar spinning wheel with questions, or children’s names.  You could display two spinning wheels, one with names and another with questions. This would keep children engaged and motivated, they would never know when their turn was likely to be.

Questions in the Digital Classroom