Online Art Application Websites

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artThere are many online art application websites available which may be very useful in classes where there is not already an art program readily available. Here are just a few to explore:


ABCYA PaintABCYA Paint is a children’s painting program with stickers and colouring pages to start to build children’s artistic skills. is a teacher-created website which provides fun and educational games and apps for kids to use under the guidance of their parents and teachers.  The painting app is one of the games, but it does not collect personal information and children and adults are able to visit the site and paint without providing any personal information to  This does not work on an iPad as it needs Flash.

Online Art Websites
ABCYa Paint


Sketch n Paint: Sketch n Paint has lots of good tools and features like: undo/redo, paint tool, stroke modifier, eraser, colour pickup, zoom view, pan view, mask, stroke pressure adjuster.  Pretty much everything needed in a primary classroom is included and users can also save or print their work. This does not work on an iPad as it needs Flash.

 Online Art Websites
Sketch n Paint


Queeky Paint: Queeky Paint is a fun app with lots of tools but the best bit is records the painting as a movie which allows users to play it back. This does work on an iPad – a teacher needs to make a room for their users in the new version, or go to the classic version at the bottom of the page and sign up. It is free!

Online Art Websites
Queeky Paint



SumoPaint:  SumoPaint is a full-blown art program, free. It can be downloaded to a computer, or used online. Sadly it needs Flash so is no use on an iPad.  The proper art tools included in the free version are things like: layers, lasso, magic wand, move tool, ink tool, gradient fill tool, pie tool, simple/rounded/bulky start tools, symmetry tool, line/curve tool, blur/smudge tools, crop/transform/rotate tools, undo/redo, layer eraser, opacity, diameter, fill, mode, shape trails, colour picker and swatches. Also it has advance options like File, Edit, Image, Select, Layer, Adjustment, Filters, view, and help.  It is a proper artist’s toolkit and is not really suitable for the very young.