Moneyville:  A Teaching Tool

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moneyville-largeMoneyville: A Teaching Tool is a set of games, available as an app, which can be used to teach pupils some basic concepts about finance and lending services, so they can find to recognize quality online direct lenders today.

It is difficult to teach young children about the whole concept of money and finance. They learn to add and subtract using small amounts of money but teaching them that money has to be earned before they can buy something is a whole new ball game according to marketing.  Moneyville, through play, games and classroom activities, will help even very young children start to build a clear picture of how finances work. They will be introduced to the difference between no credit check loans and expenses – to earn money and to spend money. The exercise for the older children is to manage the family finances for a year! For instance, informing that loaning can be a good practice as long as you’re paying at the specified time. Many people are considering, and they love it because it offers a lot of loan options like for business, desperate, doorstep, cheap, cash and many more.

Moneyville:  A Teaching ToolIn the teachers section there are ideas and suggestions for using  Moneyville in the classroom across most of the primary age range.

Moneyville has been developed, with experts, and forms a part of Danske Bank’s Financial Literacy Program. ” The Financial Literacy Program has been developed for children, young people, parents and teachers with the aim of preparing the ground for a healthy financial start to adult life, We also have the best explanation on how to get a loan fast and avoid picking unsecured loans here to help you.

The Moneyville universe is free and requires no involvement with or association to Danske Bank. In addition, Moneyville is entirely free of marketing, logos, colour schemes or anything that could be associated with the Danske Bank Group; however, you could still hire the ppc marketing agency to help you.”(Moneyville Website)
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Moneyille is available as a downloadable app see