Learning about Tropical Rainforests

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Learning about Tropical RainforestsTropical Rainforests. This site has a lovely set of rainforest resources, with photographs  and information under the headings:

  • About rainforests;
  • Rainforest animals;
  • Rainforest people;
  • Why are tropical rainforests important?
  • Why are they disappearing and how can we save them?

There is also big set of lesson plans shared by teachers who have used the site including an e-book by the website owner.

The photographs are arranged in tours of the different areas of rainforest and there are many games and activities here for children.  This site is ideal for upper KS2 pupils learning about the rainforest.

Learning about Rainforests. This is a delightful site to start teaching children about rainforests. There are interactive pictures, sounds, maps and lots of simple information. This site could be used with lower KS2.

Its information is presented under the headings What / Where/ Plants / Animals / People and Preserving.  There is also a delightful set of very small Quicktime movies which you can download and play on a Whiteboard.

Learning about Tropical Rainforests

The animals section provides an interactive picture where you click on an animal to open a new page.

Learning about Tropical Rainforests

There is also a great quiz which marks itself as it goes. This very simple site is a delight and would be useful for any class doing a topic about the rainforest; there are many facts, simply presented in small chunks of text, and lots of interest.

15 Cool Things about Rainforests. This site is from National Geographic Kids and offers an interesting set of facts that could form the basis of a quiz.

Rainforest AllianceLearning about Tropical Rainforests. This is a great site for children aligned to the Common Core State Curriculum. There is much here that can be used in the UK with many teacher resources available for download such as posters, presentations etc., it is very good with lovely resources – just not linked to the British curriculum. There are lesson plans and resources for all ages from EYFS to about 14 years old.