Challenges in a Box

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flight2Challenges in a Box are a set of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) activities that have been developed by The IET Coventry and Warwickshire Network  (The Institute of engineering and Technology).  Their goal is to help teachers develop a better understanding of engineering and technology and to encourage STEM work in schools, by developing a set of ‘Challenges In A Box’ activities for school teachers to use whilst educating their pupils.  Not all of the tasks are suitable for primary ages; however, there are several complete exercises that teacher may enjoy. I downloaded the one about flight and it offered a presentation, a lesson plan and notes to help with the activity. I feel sure children would enjoy making these model aeroplanes and learning more about flight! The author of the challenges is keen to have feedback and new ideas for future challenges. See more information on the website.

challenges in a box


The Challenges In A Box activities are copyright. However, teachers are free to copy them for use in schools – to instruct children of school age – and for individual use by children of school age.

 Available Challenges

There are several challenges suitable for use in primary school, listed below:

  • Flight
  • Why lag your house
  • Bridges
  • House of Gadgets


Additional Challenges Provided for Primary Schools

  • Two Sets of Primary School Quick Challenges, including:

    Set1: Where on earth am I, Dice, Where are you?, Introducing Pythagoras, How odd is that?, Who’s Who?, The prime of life, Tortoise and hare, Never a cross word, Know you countries, Weather, Can you tell the time, Use your loaf.

    Set 2: True or false, Time to cook, Bouncy Bouncy, Know your capitals, Arith-madness, More cross words, Tomatoes can ad up, Naughty boys get together, Is the track safe?, Use your loaf.

  • Three More Sets of Primary School Challenges, including:

    Set 1. Four Stars Challenge, Support Water Bottle on Paper, Frogs and Lilly-pads, Have You Got The Bottle, Marshmallows Tower, Crossword, Coins of the Realm, Spaghetti Bridges, Mon-Onica, It Sucks, This is Electric, Fairy Cakes, I do Eclaire, send me Doughnuts

    Set 2. Sail Away, Floaters and Sinkers, Pens, Pencils, Erasers And Rulers Don’t Add Up, Sun Dial, Santa’s Jet Sleigh, Secret Writing, Crossword, How to Blow up a Balloon without Really Trying, Coining It, Snakes or Ladders, Are You A Good counter, Discover the Planets, Baker’s Dozen

    Set 3. How Many Skittles Make 10, Does Adding Up Make You Cross, All Mixed Up, How Many Triangles, Rocket Car, Some Sums R Simply Stunning, Supermarket Sweep Up, Bus Driver’s Dilemma, Unlucky for Sum, Seeing is Believing, Veggie Racer, Do Sums Make You Cross, Which Oaf did not use his Loaf?