Big Huge Labs

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bhlBig Huge Labs offers teachers a great selection of tools for use every day to develop art work in their classrooms.

Art templates and tools are available to:

  • Design a magazine cover.
  • Design a pop art poster.
  • Create vintage photo booth strips.
  • A Hockneyizer to create a photo collage in the style of Hockney.
  • Create a tiny, pocket sized photo album.
  • Make a calendar.
  • Put beautiful frames on pictures.
  • Add funny comments to photos.
  • Make inspirational posters.
  • Make a movie poster.
  • Make a jigsaw.
  • Make a mosaic picture.
  • Add special effects and filters to photos.
  • Design badges.
  • Design Wallpaper.
  • Make picture cubes.
  • Make billboard posters.


Big Huge Labs


If you are using BigHugeLabs in the classroom they will assist you with your educational goals. Teachers can sign up for a free Educator account and get the following benefits:

  • Pre-register your students so they can sign in without requiring an email address.
  • Students can send you their work with a single click.
  • View and download content created by your students.
  • Use the site advertising-free.
  • Ready to print ID cards for your students