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2Simple Purple Mash 2CodeMany schools have full access to 2Simple’s  Purple Mash and the newest addition to the software suite is 2Code, a new coding application to give pupils the opportunity to make small programs and games. 2Code offers a set of tutorial videos which need to be watched, experimented with and learned form. Once pupils are confident with that step, there is a small challenge linked to each tutorial. Working through the whole sequence steadily and progressively will teach pupils the fundamentals of learning to code, along with the processes and systems involved. They can create games, create programs and stories, debug programs, add variables as they get further through the tutorials and finally share their programs or games.

“This coding tool is challenging and interactive in order to get pupils engaged and has many helpful hints to keep difficult concepts from becoming discouraging. Our developers purposely designed it along the new Computing Curriculum so we could include full lessons for different age groups and levels of ability that will have you completely covered in terms of aims and attainment targets – everything from logic and algorithms, to writing and debugging computer programs.” (Purple Mash)

There are different modes of operation for this program so that pupils are working at a level to suit their needs. This is ideal for different stages of primary school as there are new things to learn each year, or alternatively, as soon as pupils have completed a whole level and are confident with the skills already taught.

As usual there is a free introductory trial available so do please sign up and try it out – get ready for the new curriculum and have fun doing so!

For more information, a free trial and tutorial videos visit: Purple Mash . There are also contact details there if you want to talk to anyone!

In the launch 2Simple outlined what 2Code has to offer:

  1. Step-by-step lesson activities that cover all of the Coding Objectives for different age groups
  2. Ready-to-use ‘broken code’ activities for teaching debugging
  3. Video tutorials that ensure teachers always feel confident with the lessons
  4. Tailor-made activities for tablets and touch-screen devices
  5. Free Code mode where learners can develop their new coding skills and really get creative
  6. Hints and guidance provided throughout to aid the learning process
  7. ‘Success recognition’ so children know when they’ve completed a challenge
  8. A debugging tool which spots problems in pupils’ coding and gives hints on how to fix it
  9. The friendly, familiar, safe and secure Purple Mash interface
  10. More advanced learners have the option to view and edit the actual code in JavaScript.