Clever Never Goes

Clever Never goes is a new scheme designed to teach children to keep safe. It replaces the old Stranger Danger campaign, which is well out of date and simply not useful in the... READ MORE

Prodigy Maths Gaming Platform

Prodigy is a free maths gaming site designed to develop children’s maths skills through games. It is totally free to schools and children; they make their money from parental contributions in the form... READ MORE

BBC Bitesize Human Body for KS2

BBC Bitesize, Human body for KS2, has a comprehensive section that would help support a classroom science project on the human body. It provides four topics to study: Skeletons and Muscles, Digestive System,... READ MORE

The Human Body for KS 1

If you are covering  the Human body for KS 1, there is a lovely section of the new BBC Bitesize offering three informative videos. Under the Science for KS1 there are three learner... READ MORE

Great Fire of London Videos

Great Fire of London Videos are plentiful on You Tube. Some of these visual representations are great for giving children an idea of what it must have been like.   BBC Watch Magic... READ MORE

A Christingle Event

A Christingle Event held in school at Christmas could be a lovely family occasion that younger siblings as well as those already in school can join in with. It is essentially a Children’s Society... READ MORE