Video Conferencing with Skype

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At one time, video conferencing (VC) needed expensive equipment, a discrete phone line and a lot of patience to set up. These days many teachers will be using Skype to get a similar service.

Skype is an ideal free application that could be used for a very simple video conferencing in your primary school. Facebook and Google offer this facility and it can be done using smart phones, iPad2, The iPod Touch version 4 as well as most teachers laptops.


Not sure how to use Skype?

There is lots of information about using Skype as a VC tool on There is also a list of projects that your school could join with, and once you see how easy it is you could post your project there for others to join! Other “how to use Skype” links include:


So why would it be good to use Skype in schools?

  • To increase engagement and motivation
  • It can provide a range of opportunities for speaking and listening
  • It can help develop social and communication skills
  • It has the power to increase in confidence and self esteem
  • It offers real communication – a real audience
  • Research has show it can raise academic achievement
  • It enables the acquisition of new knowledge and understanding through access to experts and expertise around the world
  • It can have an impact on cultural awareness


Organisations that offer Skype opportunities *

(* there may be a cost involved and booking well in advanced is recommended)

Skype Ideas

Bring authors, artists, musicians, people of different cultures or religions, scientists, historians or even some of the pupils’ grandparents into school for a few minutes with no hassle!  Keep in touch with pupils who move, keep in touch with parents in the forces or travelling, it may only be for a 15 minute talk but pupils will soon start to learn about the world and different cultures. Links to ideas and opportunities are available from:


At 123ICT we have the expertise to help your school with Skype – just ask your consultant or contact us if you would like staff training.